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Care Options

At Autumn Pointe, we understand that everyone's needs are unique and we strive to provide the best possible care for our residents. With our three levels of assisted care, we offer a range of options to suit everyones individual needs. Our assisted living center is clean and comfortable, making it a pleasant environment for our residents to call home. Our team is dedicated to helping you choose the level of care that is right for your loved one and we will always make suggestions when we feel that adjustments may be necessary. Together, we will create a personalized plan to assist with daily activities and maintain their independence for as long as possible. Our ultimate goal is to provide support while promoting independence. As their needs change, our levels of service include personal assistance and supervision to ensure they receive the best possible care.

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Sustaining Assistance

  • Sustaining Assistance is designed for our most independent residents. This level includes:
  • Dressing set-up
  • Personal laundry service once a week
  • Activity reminders
  • Daily meal reminders
  • Bathing monitoring and supervision for safety
  • Personal hygiene reminders
  • Whirlpool monitoring
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Caring   Assistance

Our second tier of care, Caring Assistance, offers more assistance when needed. This level includes:

  • Simple medication administration
  • Partial assistance with bathing
  • Additional room clean-up as needed
  • Bed made daily
  • Assistance to and from dining room
  • Assistance with dining (cut food)
  • Laundry service twice a week (up to four loads)
  • Assistance to bed
  • Assistance with transfer support (2-3 times daily)
  • Assistance with dressing and/or incontinence pads
  • Wake-up calls
  • Treatment assistance
  • Personal hygiene reminders
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Attentive Assistance

    Our top tier of care is for those who require the most assistance. This level includes:
  • Extra supervision daily (treatments, extra monitoring, etc.)
  • Advanced medication administration
  • Excessive emergency alert system calls
  • Occasional incontinence cleanup
  • Assistance with every transfer (by one person)
  • Assistance to the bathroom
  • Oxygen concentrator medical equipment assistance
  • Advanced dressing needs (daily dressing)
  • Advanced personal hygiene assistance
  • Resident needs to be helped to and from bed
  • Personal laundry more than twice a week (four or more loads)
  • Bathing assistance
  • Regularly scheduled room tray service as needed
  • Individualized activity plans